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  • My Podcast: Entregeeks

    My Podcast: Entregeeks

    July 27, 2015

    My Podcast: Entregeeks

    My Podcast: Entregeeks

    My podcast is called Entregeeks and it is dedicated to ordinary people with extraordinary ideas. I’m going to be packing so much into my podcasts to try and help those entrepreneurs out there who are looking to get started or have already begun but need a bit of help in different areas.

    EntreGeeks Podcast

    I’m going to be interviewing lots of people who have online businesses as well as some that have bricks and mortar businesses. I will be inviting people to be guests on my podcasts who have competed and done Kickstarter campaigns as well as making sure that I include information about resources of social media – such as Pinterest, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.

    I’ll also be bringing all you entregeeks out there tutorials on blog posts, writing and storytelling; how and what to outsource, leadership development; basically everything that you will need to get started in entrepreneurship online as well as offline in a bricks and mortar business.

    I’m going to be featuring some of my favorite tools as well as sharing things I like about my favorite Kickstarter campaigns, my favorite entrepreneur shows like Shark Tank and Undercover Bosses.

    What I think is going to be the most exciting part of my podcast: Entregeeks, is the opportunity I’ll have to share my personality and little Easter Eggs that I have hidden in my site, such as the name of my little yellow robot image. His name is D.A.R.I.US which stands for Dynamic Artificial Robotic Intelligence User System and the idea of him is based a little around JARVIS, Iron Man’s interface system in the Marvel universe.

    My icon title is a reference to the EA Sports catchphrase and also to how much I love video games. I’m a bit of a movie buff and I love all things anime so these elements of who I am will be incorporated into my podcast. I also really love motivational speaking and advice so I will also be bringing in some of that.

    I’m hoping that the podcast will really help to share examples of creativity to inspire people and get entrepreneurs taking their first steps towards owning their own businesses as well as showing how people out there are using their ideas to change the world, bring quality products, ideas and services to people and how dedicated they are to serving people.

    My podcast: Entregeeks is coming soon and I really hope that you enjoy it.

  • Financial Income Reports

    Report Page Introduction

    July 27, 2015

    Report Page Introduction

    Financial Income Reports

    So, Let’s Get Started

    Alright, this is about my Reports page. What exactly am I trying to explain with my Reports page? Well, a Reports page, for me, is going to be about several things.

    Financial Income Reports


    #1: Transparency

    It’s going to be about being transparent and honest. It’s about letting you know about the different things that I am doing in my own business.

    Most importantly, it’s going to be about the numbers and the metrics that are associated with them. I have been inspired by Pat Flynn and John Lee Dumas about doing a Reports page. I was inspired by Fortune 500 companies to do also do this.

    Coming from an accounting background, I have always like the fact about being transparent. Fortune 500 companies have been doing this since forever.

    First of all through financial statements, these companies keep their records incredibly see-through.

    You can go to most Fortune 500 companies such as Berkshire Hathaway or Wal-Mart Stores and go here to their financial statements. You can look at their income statements. You can look at their stockholders’ statement. You can look at their balance sheet.

    You will know where their revenues are coming from and where is it going.

    You can have a great understanding of why I want to be transparent because that is very important to me.

    Taking small business classes, it’s important to look at a person’s financial statement.

    I would always admire small businesses that do this as they show their financial statements to their employees and letting their employees know how much money the company has.

    And also, one thing that I love about small businesses being transparent is that it allows the employees to give input.

    That transparency is incredibly amazing.

    What I liked about Pat Flynn is that I understood that other businesses had unfortunately talk about a lot of “business stuff” but they would have no records.

    Pat Flynn is one of the first person that I know who is being transparent.

    It’s important to understand where you are getting your money and where you are spending the money on your resources.

    There will be times where you may have made a few mistakes. That is very important.

    I just felt that  it was very important to be transparent for myself, to others. This comes a lot from my accounting background, taking small business classes and accounting classes, and looking at businesses here and there.

    So, it’s just a whole thing for me.


    #2: Analysis

     Being transparent with my reports isn’t the only reason I’m doing.

    Another reason why I am doing this is because of analysis. It’s not just about looking at my reports but also, other businesses reports to talk about and give my reviews on them.

    There’s lot of ideas that I have: “Nine Ways To Market Your Next Idea” or “Industry Reports on Social Media”.

    This can be anything that is valuable for you, I want it here.

    It’s not just about me and my reports.


    #3: Giving Back

    I want to use this as an opportunity to give back. I want to do something unique in this space.

    A lot of people talk about their numbers; I want to and will do something different. I want to use these reports to give back to you.

    This is the main reason why I am doing this Reports page.

    Every month, I am going to do a Report page to give back to my community.

    Yes, I am going to do a monthly report to analyze what I can do to give back [Tweet This].

    This isn’t so people can pat me on the back and say, “I’m a great guy.”

    I truly want to truly to cultivate and create truly great ideas to give back to the community and aboard.

    I truly believe if we can do this then we inspire a nation of people to figure out how to do different and beneficial things for their local community that doesn’t need a big budget.

    So, every month, I am going to make sure that I have a report on what did I do to give back to the community.

    I will also post this so people can send feedback as to what they are doing to give their local community, too.

    This is why I am creating a Reports Page to share what I am doing to give back to my local community. To me, this is what this is about.

    Business is about helping people. Business is about taking that idea and manifesting it into something that benefits others.

    In today’s society, businesses are the best way to introduce an idea and sharing that idea to the world.

    Basically, that idea helps people. Sometimes, that idea may not have a direct correlation to helping people but we can use the funds to help finance local things in the community.

    You can use your ideas to help people. This is why I love business so much.

    Your idea may be a local restaurant where you offer people great service and food. But then, you can take that same money and do different ventures around your own city.

    You can even use the same food to help the people around you such as inner-city, low-income areas.

    I rather be different and one of the ways where I can be different is creating a Reports Page where it shows how I am giving back to the community.

    Thank you for reading this. This Reports Page is going to be updated periodically. There will be different types of reports. However, the number one report is going to be the one that gives back.

     The second report is about me bringing in how much income from my business and how I am using it in my business.

    The third report are Industry Reports and what certain trends mean for the industry.

    Thank you for reading this and keeping me accountable.

  • 3 Avatars in my Audience

    3 People I speak to In My Audience

    July 27, 2015

    3 People I speak to In My Audience

    3 Avatars in my Audience

    Knowing your audience is one of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to starting a business. No matter what your product or service is, you should know how your target audience is so that you can be very specific in how you market yourself and your company. It means that you can also create something personal for your customers so that you are talking directly to a person rather than a faceless crowd.

    To help me when I set up my podcasts, blogs and my website, I created three different avatars to help me focus who I was talking to, know what it is they need and want from my company and really helps me to create a personal connection with my audience.  I don’t just create a stereotype to work to but a person with first and second name, strengths, weakness, a job, their financial situation and their family situation.

    Wilma Reed

    Wilma Reed Avatar

    Wilma Reed is the first of my avatars. Wilma Reed is inspired by Kevin Durant’s mother. I based Wilma on Kevin Durant’s mother because of how her speech moved me. Every mother could have a child like Kevin Durant and I wanted to speak to single mothers. I wanted to help single mothers who have creative ideas and help them start their own business. I wanted to show those struggling single mothers that there is hope, that they can be entrepreneurs, turning their dreams into reality and still be able to look after their children.

    Wilma is about 34 years old and has two children called Kevin and Darius; she works as a nursing assistant at Regis Regional Hospital. She earns about $11 an hour, works overtime and isn’t tech savvy. When I am creating my blog posts, tutorials and podcasts I keep Wilma in mind as some of the concepts and tricks that I am teaching I may need to break down a bit more and do some step-by-step instructions for to help explain the technical side. Wilma’s biggest obstacles to becoming an entrepreneur are lack of time and technical skills.

    Sam Watson

    Sam Watson Avatar

    Sam Watson is a college student who has just graduated and can’t find a job in his field. So he is working as a waiter, so he has to be really careful when it comes to money. Sam has a couple of really great ideas but is having a hard time getting started. Because he doesn’t have a lot of money, Sam needs some low cost solutions to getting his business off the ground. He’s 22 years old, doesn’t have any kids and works at Wayne’s Fine Dining. At college he learned a few things so he does have some technical skills, this is something I need to keep in mind when I write my tutorials and blog posts as not everything needs to be boiled down to being really simple when I am talking to Sam. The biggest hurdle for Sam in becoming an entrepreneur is money.

    Mitch Miller

    Micah Attorney at Law

    Mitch Miller is an attorney and is inspired by my cousin, who is actually a small business owner and is always asking me lots of questions about how to make the best use of his time because he doesn’t have a lot of it. So Mitch is already an entrepreneur but really needs help on learning how to outsource different jobs as he doesn’t have time to do everything himself. He’s 33 years old, has two children, Sarah and Jeff and is married. He has two employees, owns his own law firm and earns a six figure salary but doesn’t like to talk about how much he earns. Mitch has some technical skills but he doesn’t have the time to be able to use them. He’s got to find out what he can outsource when starting and running a business; some people have plenty of money for their start-up but don’t have the time. He commutes to and from work which is when he listens to podcasts and reads blog posts and tutorials. This is something I have to keep in mind when it comes to making my podcasts and blog posts to make sure I don’t make them too long.

    Micah family time

    There is a fourth person that I speak to in my audience and that is myself. When I am looking at writing tutorials and blog posts and doing podcasts, I think about all things that I would have wanted people to tell me when I was first starting my business.

    The benefits to talking to avatars in your audience means that you can relate really well to your audience and it is personalized to those people you want to reach and that you have a passion for serving. It also lets you feel more connected to you audience and make your listeners feel like friends.