img08Hey there, I’m Cornelius Benton, the founder of JC Investing.com

JC Investing.com is an all inclusive, online community where entrepreneurs can share their ideas and thought processes with other likeminded individuals and pick up the vital tools and resources they need to take their business idea and make it BIG!

As a young entrepreneur myself, with a passion for helping others, I developed JC Investing to serve as a platform to share my own experience with others in a transparent way and help them to achieve their goals. I want to show people exactly how to develop their ideas and start their own successful businesses.

So if you would like to know how to:
• Start up your small business on a small budget without loans or borrowed money.
• Formulate a strategic plan for your business idea.
• Avoid searching through endless ‘fluff’ and get straight to the information you need.
• Market your online or brick and mortar business successfully.
• Use today’s technology to get your idea in front of your target audience.
• Focus your energy in the right areas for maximum impact.

Then thankfully you are in exactly the right place…

JC Investing.com is here to provide you with all of the detailed information, tools, resources and insight you need to breathe life into your project!

It takes a lot of time and determination to take an idea and develop it into fruition but providing you have faith and you are willing to deal with the inevitable failures along the way, anything is possible. My own business has been developed through sheer sweat, hard work and my own savings.

Through JC Investing.com and Entregeeks the podcast, you will have the opportunity to gather the practical information and material you need to successfully realize your own business goals.

About Cornelius Benton

I’m a regular married guy and a dedicated Father to three wonderful children. Ultimately I aim to provide for my family, while enjoying the time and freedom to play a key role in day to day family life in the process!

My love of design and creativity attracted me to the concept of the crowd funding platform Kickstarter. I have already contributed to several campaigns and for me; this initiative provides an amazing way to support others to realize their creative projects.

Other passions of mine include; basketball, Xbox 360, Anime, Comic con – (I will make it there one day) and Star Wars. I am a self confessed geek and proud of it…

Far from being serious all the time, I love to laugh and particularly enjoy Kevin Harts jokes. I’m also the guy who sits in front of shows like Shark Tank, screaming at the television like I am watching a game!

Entrepreneurial Spirit

From an early age I had an entrepreneurial spirit. While still in High School, I launched my first legitimate business, a candy store… While other kids in the neighborhood were making an extra buck with their lemonade stands, I decided to ramp it up a step and after examining the numbers and exploring the profit margins, before I knew it I was generating a decent income by selling products to the entire neighborhood!

Embrace Your Superhero

Superhero’s are all about achieving the impossible; creating something and if you ask me, we all have a little bit of superhero in us that we need to express. My identity would have to be a combination of Tony Stark, (Iron Man) and Batman; in fact it was the Iron Man suit that inspired the robot logo for JC Investing!

Having started out at Community College I went on to continue my education at Johnson C. Smith University, University of North Carolina at Charlotte and I studied accounting at Oral Roberts University.

While my education certainly helped me, none of the courses I attended really catered for small businesses and it wasn’t until I began to train myself, by searching for information online, reading inspirational books and immersing myself in self learning that I began to fully realize the great opportunity that exists in our current times.


That Light Bulb Moment

I read numerous books, but the one book that really turned things around for me and gave me a completely new mindset was Rich Dad’s Guide to Investing, by Robert T. Kiyosaki. Over time I began to study online marketing, explored real estate investment and developed an excellent understanding of all the concepts. It was then I had my ‘light bulb moment’ that inspired me to start JC Investing.com.

I realized that the starting point for making money always stems around a person taking an idea they are passionate about and sharing it with the masses, i.e. starting a small business. Through JC Investing.com I plan to help and serve, just like a regular superhero, because I believe in bringing the best out of people…

There is great opportunity out there right now for entrepreneurs and through JC Investing.com I hope to help you to bring your business ideas to maturity and to demonstrate that you do not need to borrow money to get your business idea off the ground and achieve success.