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I wish to be thoroughly transparent having my audience and want everyone to know I always will discuss a number of products/services with this blog, and when possible, I will use affiliate inbound links. If anyone follow an affiliate link and continue on to obtain that goods and services, I are going to be paid a tiny commission, however the cost would be the same (and potentially less in the event that I’m showcasing a promotion).

So naturally there’s the problem of me pushing this product/service to make cash, or am I promoting it because I find it serves my readers and audiences well. My goal should be to help folks through my personal experience, therefore I won’t recommend something unless it follows these requirements:

1. I used used the item personally (which would be the case the majority the time).
2. I thoroughly looked into it or received 1st hand individual feedback coming from other successful bloggers/entrepreneurs that have utilized the product/service.

An individual must understand I give lots of valuable information away at no cost because I desire to help people, and affiliate links are a great way I receives a commission for my personal work. If you find the information on to be useful, I would appreciate the support with using the affiliate links on the website rather in comparison with going directly to the source. Thanks upfront!

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