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This page is dedicated to all the questions that you, as an Entregeek, may have about being an entrepreneur or starting a small business.

I believe that every voice matters and if you have a question, no matter how basic you might think it is, could help somebody else as well as clearing up any confusion that you might have.

Why Ask Me?

My aim is to help Entregeeks set up their own businesses that will be self-sustaining and successful.

I will do my best to answer all questions that are asked, but due to the number of questions that I get, I may not be able to answer your question. Duplicate questions will be answered only once, so please check my previous podcasts before submitting a question to make sure it hasn’t already been answered. I am also not able to respond to every question directly.

I am also not an expert in every aspect of small business; if I get a question that I can’t answer – don’t worry. I won’t overreach and pretend to know what I am talking about, instead I will find experts who can answer your question for you or find your resources that can help you.

SpeakPipe Submission

All questions that you have to ask are sent to me using my SpeakPipe page. This means that you can leave me an audio message or a text message. You can submit audio messages directly to me through this page by hitting the record button below, on my SpeakPipe page or you can send a voicemail from your phone using the SpeakPipe widget on your mobile/cell.

If you are having problems using the SpeakPipe widget, you can go directly to my SpeakPipe in order to send me a voicemail. Your question may not appear in the podcast during the week that you send it to me, but I will get round to answering it as soon as I can. All questions are answered on a first come, first served basis.

The number of questions that I will be able to answer in a single podcast depends on the length of the question as well as the length of the answer. This does limit the amount of information I can provide, but I will do my best to deliver to you as many resources as possible and I won’t skip over important information in order to save time.

If you do have a question that needs answering urgently then please contact me directly, but please note that any requests made or questions asked directly that are not time sensitive will be treated as any other question or request and added to the bottom of my ‘to be answered’ list.
I will be responding to my messages in my podcast and will include the audio question that I am answering within the podcast. By submitting a question to me, you are giving me permission to use it in my podcast, for further details please see my terms of use.My podcast is available on a weekly basis. To sign up to my podcast click the link below.



As these questions may appear in my podcast there are a few guidelines to follow:

I. I ask that you make sure that your questions are phrased in a respectful way, as everyone’s voice does matter and any question that isn’t polite or respectful will not be featured and may not get answered.
II. Please make sure that any question you submit is under two minutes long.
III. Make sure that any question you have to ask is kept as concise as possible.
IV. Please leave your website name and your own name as part of the message so that I can ping back to you on the podcast.
V. Questions that are personal, offensive or spam will not be answered.
VI. This is not an advertising service, so please do not submit questions asking me to promote your company or business for you through my podcast.

If you are interested in sponsoring my podcast then please contact me directly.

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