10 Podcasts to help budding Entrepreneurs

10 Podcast for Entrepreneurs

These podcasts are really helpful tools for any entrepreneur but are mostly aimed at people who are just starting out.

Smart Passive Income

This podcast is a great podcast for every entrepreneur, no matter how long you have been in business for. This podcast gives you lots of great advice, covers  a wide range of different topics, has guest spots who bring loads of experience and best of all, Pat Flynn is really transparent. Pat lays out all his failures, vulnerabilities and the mistakes that he has made. He refers to himself as a crash test dummy, meaning that he is willing to test out new techniques at his own expense to benefit his audience. This podcast covers online business and online marketing. Pat Flynn is good at creating niche sites and great advice as well as tips for setting up any business online.

Start ups for the rest of us

This podcast focuses on the more technical side of being an entrepreneur focusing on SaaS apps. SaaS apps are Service as a Solution apps which are apps that do things online, apps like Drip and MailChimp. Start ups for the Rest of  Us takes you through bootlegging to the full creation of a SaaS app so it is perfect for those entrepreneurs that are looking to create something. There are also lots of tips on marketing, running webinars, blog posting etc that are helpful for all entrepreneurs. This podcast is different from other podcasts as it helps with the creation side instead of marketing online to make money.

Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield is not only really transparent, her podcast has amazing content and is considered the Facebook queen. She offers practical Facebook advice, how she uses Facebook ads along with really practical tips on using other forms of social media. I think this is the best Facebook podcast out there.

Michael Hyatt

I wasn’t going to include Michael Hyatt’s blog on this list as he has recently changed the format of his podcasts so that he doesn’t focus as much on starting a business but more on developing leadership. I did put it on this list though for two reasons. The first is that leadership in building  business and character development are things you can’t ignore when it comes to starting a business and running a company. The second reason is that his earlier podcasts can be found on his website where he really talks about how to start an online business, including tips, tricks and apps to use when setting up an online business. His first 50 podcasts are worth listening to as they are packed with so much good information that I strongly recommend and really, really love.

Social Media Examiner

Michael Stezner’s podcast interviews so many different people and gives an understanding of all the different forms and outlets of social media. The other brilliant thing about this podcast is that at the start of the podcast he always starts out by giving out a new marketing tool to help manage and use social media.

The Model Health Show

This podcast I have included because being an entrepreneur is as much about the lifestyle of the entrepreneur as it is about starting up a business. If an entrepreneur doesn’t have their health then then it makes it difficult to carry on with everything you need to do. Shawn Stevenson’s  podcast helps you to learn about your health and is full of lots of information about how to live a healthy lifestyle so that you can take care of yourself as well as your business.

Entrepreneur on Fire

This podcast is full of so much meat that it can be overwhelming, especially as it is release 7 times a week. What I tend to do with this podcast is listen to the last ten minutes that has a lightning round where John Lee Dumas  asks each guest what they would do with $500. If the answer is really interesting then I will go back and listen to the whole podcast. One thing I never miss when it comes to John Lee Dumas’ podcast is his income report as he not only is really transparent when it comes to finances, but he also brings on a certified accountant to talk through the report with. This is something I really appreciate because of my background in finance and is a really great feature.


This podcast is great because it gives you behind the scenes look at starting a business. The background to starting an online business is so in depth as Alex Blumberg goes through every aspect of it for this podcast. This ranges from the business itself, to the conversations with his wife, his employees and other entrepreneurs. This podcast is really valuable for those who are just starting out as he shares his fears and hopes that a lot of other entrepreneurs also feeling.

Ask Gary Vee

Gary Vaynerchuk is best known for his books that include Crush It and Jab, Jab, Right Hook. He has a very real, very blunt and sincere style that comes across really well, especially with all the calls and questions that he packs into his podcasts. His podcast is so entertaining because of his hustle and work ethic which comes across really strongly. It combines a cutting edge use of social media with some of the most practical business advice you will find in any online business startup podcast. The business advice is not solely focused on marketing but can be used for any form of business – not just online entrepreneurs.

The Dave Ramsey Show

Every entrepreneur should know how to manage their finances and make investments. If you can’t get your finances under control, then you’ll never have the freedom to do what you want with your business and lifestyle. Dave Ramsey introduces lots of practical advice and start up tools that you will need to get your money under control. I listen to the podcast as the full show is three hours long, though there are lots of great tips in the full show. He takes on all questions from his audience and shows you how to get yourself out of a financial bind so that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. To begin with I really recommend listening to the full three hour show rather than just the podcast. As entrepreneurs, we’re all looking for freedom in our business, freedom in our lifestyle, to spend time with our families and all of these podcasts are designed to help you find that freedom and it’s freedom that you can find right now.

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