3 Reasons to Create a Logo Today

Create logo today

Logos are one of the most important things that you as an entregeek can do as it not only starts to give your business an identity, it helps you get started.

1)    Turning your idea into reality

Idea into reality

One thing that most people really struggle with when it comes to realizing an idea and actually starting their business is getting their idea out of their head and seeing it for the first time in the real world.When you create a logo you are taking the all-important first step, that first step that gets your idea out of your head and into the real world. 

As soon as it is out of your head it can go on your computer screen as your wallpaper, you can print it off and have it on your refrigerator, on the inside of cupboards and show it to people when you talk about your idea and your business.

Another thing about creating a logo is that as soon as you have a logo you’re in business. You don’t need a business loan, an account or any paperwork to make it official – you have your logo and you’ve already started, you’ve become an entrepreneur.

Having a logo in front of you is a constant reminder that you are in business and it’s the first thing you can do towards your business. It’s a positive action that you can take that means that you aren’t just talking about it and it also makes your business more official.

Creating your logo is the key to getting any idea started, so many people only ever talk about their idea and talk about what they could do, but a logo turns all that talking and dreaming into action.

2)    Low Cost

The second reason to create your logo is that no matter whether you have the skills to make a logo or not, it is the cheapest and easiest step you can take towards your business. There are so many places that you can go to get your logo designed for you such as 99 designs, peopleperhour.com, elance.com, fiverr.com amongst a host of others.

99 designs image

With sites like fiverr.com you can have a logo created for you for just $5, a low cost that even if you don’t have you can do a chore or borrow of a friend as an investment in you and your business. You could even skip buying coffee from Starbucks for a day or two and have the money for logo just from that. So you don’t even need things like business loans in order to get started.

A logo brings with it the potential for your business to become a brand, helping you to take your idea to the next step and help to grow your own business.

3)    Outsourcing: teaching you how to do it

Being able to delegate is one of the most important business skills that any entregeek can learn. There will be things in business that you won’t be able to do, or you might know how to do but you just don’t have time to do them. This could be anything from website design, article writing, blogging, logo design, social media management or any number of different jobs that you haven’t even thought of yet.

Outsourcing is one of the most brilliant ways to overcome delegation when you can’t afford to take on permanent employees. You don’t need to have offices for them to come to as freelancers will work remotely.

Outsourcing your logo design to a freelancer means that you can learn how to talk to people on a business level without being heavy handed and learn how to set down guidelines. One of my favourite ways to communicate with those I am outsourcing is to create a video capture setting down what it is I need doing. There are lots of tools that are free resources like CamStudio.

CamStudio Image

When it comes to logo design you can use that video to show your freelancer exactly what you want you want and lay out your ideas in a clear way. You can share it with them by uploading it to YouTube and clicking unlisted so that only you and the person you are sending it to can see it.

YouTube Unlisted Video


Go! Let’s get started.

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