How to Conquer the Blank Screen of Death

blank screen death

This blog is about how to conqueror the blank screen of death. The blank screen of death is when you are sat looking at a blank screen and just no knowing what to write. So I have put together this blog post to explain some of the different ways that can help you get started.

1)     Hire a transcriptionist

Transcriptionist Ghost Writer

Some people are much better at putting together voice recordings than writing. Hiring a transcriptionist is a great way to make use of that talent. You just record your voice and make any notes that you think are relevant and then just give them to a transcriptionist to write something for you. Even if you go back over what they have written for you and rewrite it, you’ve gotten past the blank screen of death. Lots of people do this to write things from blog posts to full length books.

2)     Get a blank sheet of paper

Blank sheet paper

A blank sheet of paper is a great way to get the creative juices flowing. Take a blank sheet of paper and a pen or pencil and just write down all the ideas you have on a certain subject, you can do this as a brainstorm or a mind map, but just putting ideas down on paper will help you to find ideas you want to write about. I also advise doing this with an actual piece of paper not on a computer or electronic device. There is something about a fresh sheet of paper and a pencil that is more helpful and makes creativity easier.

3)     Hire a ghost writer

Ghost writers are a great resource that you can use to write articles and blog posts for you. All you need to do is give them a couple of topics or outlines and they will write an article for you. When you get the article back, if you don’t like it, you can rewrite it, which I advise people to do most of the time so that the article is in your own voice. Good ghost writers will produce original content for you so if you really like what they have written, you can keep it and use it. I like to get ghost writers to write for me and then most of the time I rewrite what they have sent me, though there are times when I don’t and just use what they’ve produced.

4)     Buy a PR Article

You can get PR articles on the internet. These are pre-written articles about companies, products, tools and other subjects that cost as little as $5 or $10. PR articles are dangerous though. Unlike ghost written articles, you can’t just put it on the internet; you need to make sure that you rewrite the whole article to make it original content. The reason behind this is that anyone could post the PR article on the internet and if you then post it, you will get penalized by google for posting duplicate content. You can find PR articles and ghost writers online on sites such as,,, and even, these are great places to find talented writers who are often rated by other sellers, making it easy to get rid of the blank screen of death.

5)     Find a quiet place

Beautiful girl in a cafe talking on smart phone

Finding the right environment and atmosphere for you to write in is one way that can be really helpful in conquering the blank screen of death. If you have a family, like I do, you can get up early before anyone else is awake to find some quiet time to focus. I do this quite a lot and find it really helps. If you find that you work best in a coffee shop or a nice park or downtown; whatever environment you feel most comfortable in. There are also tools on the internet that can help you recreate different environments in your own home. You can get coffee shop background noise by searching for it using google. Another thing that really helps with creative is listening to classical music

I hope this helps solve your BSOD.  If you have any other recommendations or tips that I might have missed, feel free to leave or add a comment below.

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