fav post
This is where you will find the posts that I have found inspirational, useful or that have resonated with me in some way during my travels around the World Wide Web. For each I’ve given a little summary of what it is and why I chose to include it here.

1. How to Rank a Website Today – The first is a podcast from The Smart Passive Income, where Pat Flynn interviews Neil Patel as part of the research before launching, Niche Site Duel 2.0 his latest experiment and case study which involves choosing a random topic, building a site and then reporting on the results.

2. Use a Blogging Template to Write Posts Faster – This is a video where Michael Hyatt shares his tips about writing blog posts according to a template, allowing him to write faster and with more predictable results.

3. Theft: 9 Ways to Protect Yourself From Losing Your Data – This is a podcast from Social Media Marketing which gives advice on how to protect yourself against losing all of your data in case you get robbed or some other type of accident happens, like your systems crash.

4. 50 can’t fail techniques for Finding Great Blog Topics – This is a blog post about finding topics for blog posts. Sometimes your creative juices don’t flow so freely and this post gives some tips on how to kick start the flow.

5. Thirty Years of Projects – This post is by Seth Godin and details his career to date as a series of projects, rather than jobs. Every startup should read this before they get started.

6. Email Marketing Checklist – This post is also from Smart Passive Income and gives a checklist of the things that you should be doing with your email marketing.

7. EOFire’s April 2014 ; EOFire’s June 2014 – This is a two for one, two separate Income Reports from Entrepreneur On Fire which they share so that people can understand and learn from their struggles and successes each month.