After you have found your passion, your idea, your solution or your product that you are going to present to the world, then you are ready to move on to making your idea a reality.
Investing in your next big idea – Your Logo

When you’ve got your idea and you are ready to move onto to communicating with your customers the first thing you can do is create your logo. Creating a logo is a great first step for any entregeek to take as a logo is something that you can make your own so that your customers will instantly recognize your brand.

Logos are also something that you can create no matter what budget you have to work withas there are lots of cost solutions out there. If you want to create your own logo there are places such as and where you can go right now and create your own logo for free. If you feel you want someone else to design a logo to your own specifications then you can find freelance graphic designers on sites such as and who will design a logo for you from as little as $5.

Your logo can be in black and white or in color and have as much detail in it as you want to include. You don’t have to use any text in your logo, but if you do, make sure that it’s easy to read. No matter what your product, solution or idea is, how good it is or how much time an entregeek spends working towards success; if you don’t have a strong logo you’ll miss out on customers.

To help you design your own logo, I’ve put together this video to walk you through the process – step-by-step.

Setting up your domain, business email, and hosting

When you have a logo and your idea really to go out, then the next thing to look at is your very own website, setting up a business email and looking at who hosts your website. There are several reasons that having your own website is important. You may already have a twitter page, a tumblr site, facebook page or other presence on social media and think that is enough.

However, social media sites are sites that you don’t control and can change their policies, your visibility and the rules about companies on their sites at any time. Your business and customer information can also be lost, hacked or deleted on social media sites that you then can’t restore and sometimes can’t replace. This can negatively impact your business and your customers.

If you have your own website you are not only in control of every aspect of your site, but you can back up all the data on your site so that if anything happens, you can restore it without any loss and helps you provide a consistent level of customer care.

Your Domain
Your domain name is the web address for your website. Many companies offer free domains, but these often come with their name in the web address such as

When setting up your own website you want to have your own .com address, as it not only makes you look more professional to customers but also improves your ranking on search engine results.
Your domain name should also be related to your company.

Business Email
Your business email, like your web address, is something that you really want to have your own domain name on. Having an email that is instead of looks far more professional and having your own business emails means you can have lots of different contact addresses for employees and departments e.g. office@, sales@, director@, invoice@ and CEO@.

Hosting is one of the most important parts of your website as whoever you choose as your host will limit what you can do with your website. offers you the opportunity to create a free website with a blog as the homepage for the site. There are limitations to what you can do with a site as there are limits to the plug-ins you can use and you cannot use advertising apps or plug-ins to create a passive source of income.
There are lots of different hosting services out there that offer free websites with the option to purchase your own domain name from them to sites that offer website hosting, domain names, website design and email bundles that do cost more but can be better for you in the long run when if you don’t have any experience in website deisgn or html coding. I really recommend the service offered by Bluehost as a hosting company as not only do they offer excellent service packages but they also have a great customer support system that has always been reliable and includes a live chat feature.
To help you design your own website using, I have put together this video as a step-by-step guide to help you get the look you want.


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