Power of 5

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    Power of 5 is the working title of my upcoming book. The book is going to be dedicated to all those Entregeeks out there and all future Entregeeks; those individuals that are all wanting to take their idea to the next level.

    My book is still in the making, so the title may yet change, but is going to be for someone striving to get their idea going or have their idea long with the obsession and passion about what they do and are ready to take their idea to the masses.

    The Power of 5 is going to focus on different areas to help Entregeeks to find their way which will include Figuring out passion and drive, strategy and how to build relationships and networking.

    Figuring out passion and drive

    The section of the book that is going to be focused on figuring out passion and drive is all about helping future Entregeeks find out what they are passionate about, learning about where their drive is and how then to take that passion and drive and find their idea.

    Then when you’ve got your idea, or if you already have your idea, I’ll guide you through how to test your idea to see if it is worth trying to take to the masses or if you really are passionate advice on how to just go for it.

    The great thing about figuring out your passion and your drive is that it can inspire anything from an idea to find a solution to a problem that really frustrates you.


    Planning the best way to get your idea or your solution out there to the masses is really important, which is why another section of my book will be devoted to looking at your strategy. From logo creation to production hacks I really wanted to look out ways to help all the Entregeeks out there to get the ball rolling on their idea with lots of low cost solutions.

    I am not limiting the information to just logo creation and little tips and tricks to help get your idea out there to begin with, I am also going to be exploring the importance of website creation and hosting and how to build the right website for getting your idea out there and the different hosting packages and what they all mean.

    Building Relationships and Networking

    The other part of the book is going to address the building relationships and networking side of getting your idea out to the market. I am going to present lots of different ideas on how to go about building relationships with customers, business men and women and freelancers to help you become successful in the marketplace.

    Part of knowing how to build relationships and networking is knowing how to communicate with the different groups of people, as well as knowing how to brand yourself and make the most of the various online resources that are out there.

    Some of these free online resources include the podcast “The Art of Charm” which teaches you how to build relationships with people and how best to market yourself to other people as being an Entregeek means that your business is as much about your branding as the branding of your idea.

    I will also be putting together a list of books, websites and other free and low cost resources to help you develop your business skills and your communication skills.