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If you haven’t yet discovered Tweetchats then you are missing out on one of the most powerful tools, or should I say aspects, of Twitter. A Tweetchat is basically a group chat which uses the Twitter platform, by using an assigned hashtag they identify that their post is related to a particular conversation.
This hashtag is what separates a particular comment from the general noise on Twitter and is also what enables someone to use one of the many Twitter tools available which filter Tweets and show only those with the hashtag they are interested in.
Tweetchats are always organized events which take place at a certain time every day, week or month. One example is the #GooglePlusChat which takes place on Tuesdays from 2.00pm – 2.30pm ET and is a discussion about all things Google. In order to participate you need do no more than be connected to Twitter at the scheduled time. This is a few of the Twitterchats I follow.

#EntreGeek – Day time ET
My personal hashtag for podcst and everything entrepreneurial

#StartupChats – Wednesday & Friday 1pm ET
Twice weekly, #StartupChats discusses various topics of interest to entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts. A guest expert is on hand to answer questions and provide insight into each topic.

#brandchat – Wednesday 11pm ET
A discussion between experts, strategists, and those interested in learning more about personal branding and managing brands.

#B2Bchat – Thursday 8pm ET
B2B marketing. Covering a full range of topics from demand generation to print to direct mail to social media. Participate and share your thoughts, questions, opinions and best practices that will help you do your job better.

#socialmedia – Tuesday 12pm ET
General discussion which deals with all things Social Media related

#mmchat – Monday 8pm ET
Featuring a special guest who discusses a relevant social media topic and answers questions from participants.

#sogoodchat – 25th each month at 9pm
Chat that hosts topics for people concerned with social causes.

#profschat – Friday 12pm ET
Great resource for young entrepreneurs backed by a range of events, conferences and seminars

#moneychat – Monday 8pm ET
Practical chat that is all about money

#blogchat – Sunday 9pm ET
Supposedly the biggest chat on Twitter with users picking the topics